Before becoming a mother, Laura worked in the entertainment business. She helped manage the first national tour of Jesus Christ Superstar and produced Slab Boys on Broadway with Sean Penn and Kevin Bacon and Val Kilmer and developed Smashville by David Mamet for ABC.

    In 1979 Laura married Jay Kramer, an entertainment lawyer in New York City. Their son Seth was born in 1983, followed by daughter Haya in 1987.

 LSK with Seth   The direction of Laura’s life changed when Seth was diagnosed with cerebral palsy in 1984. She embarked on a journey to improve the quality of Seth’s life, plunging into a world that lacked today’s information-rich internet to get everything she could for Seth—at first within the mainstream and later in a wider world that came to include osteopathy, Feldenkrais, Iyengar yoga, Flexyx, and more.

     In 1992 Laura wrote an article for Family Circle Magazine A Second Chance for Seth detailing the maverick work she was doing with Seth. This led to an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

    Subsequently, Laura wrote the memoir Uncommon Voyage: Parenting Children with Special Needs, about her experiences as Seth’s mother. The first edition was published in 1995, the paperback edition was issued in 1998, and a second edition in trade paperback was published in 2002.

    Laura was chair of the board of Resources for Children with Special Needs from 1995 – 2005; RCSN is now known as INCLUDEnyc. She is on the Advisory Board New York City Outward Bound Center and the Iyengar Yoga Association of Greater New York where she is Founder and Chair of the Advisory Board.

    In response to numerous requests for information in a handbook format, she has revised Uncommon Voyage. The new version Uncommon Voyage: Parenting Children with Special Needs, A Guidebook, can be found HERE. Read an excerpt HERE.